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Client-focused. Results-driven.

BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS started with a single purpose: to help business owners, partners and executives solve – not just make plans for solving – their most pressing business challenges. For nearly twenty years we’ve helped hundreds of business owners, partners and family-owned business leaders grow and improve their companies while helping them plan and implement effective and rewarding succession strategies.

We do this by becoming personally and deeply involved with the business, its leaders and team. Working from “within,” we deliver hands-on financial, operational and strategic services that best fit their unique situation.

BROWNSTONE helps emerging companies start strong, healthy companies grow, troubled companies get back on track and finally – when it’s time to transition the business to new leaders – we help owners finish well.


Paul Brown, Managing Principal


If you own a business or practice you must accept the inevitable: one day you will leave the control and ownership to others. We all know this. What we ignore is that the way we leave will impact our lives and influence the memory of our life’s work. Accordingly, all of our succession and transition questions come down to this one: “How can I finish well?”

My work is dedicated to helping owners and family businesses “finish well.” And my commitment is to approach each engagement with a clear view of this end; doing all we can to help grow your business to a profitable and rewarding today, and then – when it is time – to a fulfilling, satisfying finish.  — Paul Brown, Principal

Paul Brown founded BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS, a hands-on strategic management firm in 2001. After working as a consultant in one of the nation’s largest accounting firms, he became convinced that standardized approaches and cookie-cutter solutions seldom produce effective, meaningful results. At BROWNSTONE, Paul built a practice that is committed to meeting the unique needs, expectations and desires of our clients.

For twenty years Paul has worked closely with business owners, partners and family leaders to design and implement effective strategies for their company’s growth, renewal, turnaround and succession. At times he works as an advisor, guiding owners and leaders to the best solution for their current business or professional challenge. And at times he is engaged as an “interim executive;” a member of the company’s executive team with the authority and responsibility to lead from within.


Paul Brown MotorcyclePaul has worked with clients throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and Europe. He is a published writer and frequent speaker at conferences and seminars. He has a graduate degree in business, advanced certificates from a lot of different universities in a lot of different subjects and is a proud member of the University of Iowa Alumni Association (Go Hawks!).


In his spare time he attempts to golf and snow ski, runs sporadically and spend time spoiling his grandkids. When the weather is warm he can usually be found riding his motorcycle through one of the nearby mountain ranges.

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