Interim Executive

BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS provides experienced managers and executives to help companies and firms quickly address their most difficult business challenge or overcome their long-term growth barriers.

Experienced leadership is important to the success of any business. Despite their enthusiasm, current managers may not have the knowledge or experience to launch new innovations, grow into new markets, adapt new business models, or turnaround difficult situations. As a result, far too many companies stop growing long before they reach their potential.

Our Interim Executives provide short-term experienced managers and executives to help organizations implement change, fill unexpected openings, restructure, improve performance, or deliver critical projects. Interim Executive are increasingly acknowledged as a flexible and immediately effective resourcing solution, providing instant access to top talent and a powerful alternative to traditional consulting.


Interim Executives differ from consultants in that they assume full responsibility with a clear mandate to act on the client’s behalf. They have extensive experience and are generally sensibly over-qualified for the assignments they undertake. Available immediately, their skills closely match the needs of the client, making them an effective addition to the company from the first day.

Interim Executives do considerably more than writing and producing reports. Driven by their desire for results, they quickly and effectively implement the changes needed to meet the client’s objectives and goals. As a part of the management team, the Interim Executive is expected to perform professionally and capably throughout the engagement and reports directly to the company’s owner, CEO, or board of directors.

With typical engagements lasting from six months to three years, an Interim Executive can be a cost-effective solution, providing the immediate leadership needed to produce results leading to a healthier, more stable business.

To learn more about the advantages of hiring an Interim Executive, review our presentation on slide share. Then, call us to see if this is the best solution for you.

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