Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS specializes in mergers and acquisition consulting for lower-middle market companies, bringing a personalized and comprehensive approach that benefits both buyers and sellers.


Today only about one in ten businesses will sell as on ongoing concern, leaving owners with a significant short-fall in what they need to support their post-business goals. With proper planning, a number of selling options and their impact are considered.

For sellers we review the business with the goal of increasing the value that is important to the owner prior to the planned transition. For family owned businesses, “value” may be found by finding the right balance between financial return for current leaders/owners and opportunity for the next generation of leaders/owners. For those hoping to sell the business, whether to an insider group of buyers (managers, partners or employees) we perform the assessments necessary and help design the terms that best serve and protect the interests of the owners, buyers and company. And for those intending to sell their business to outside (unrelated) buyers, we help structure and, if necessary, re-position the company to improve both is value and appeal while finding the most logical buyers.

After preparing the business offering memorandums, we market the company on a confidential basis to targeted qualified buyers, working on behalf of and communicating with the owner throughout the entire process. We also perform a due diligence on prospective buyers, making certain they are qualified to complete the sale. Once approved, we then help structure the best deal and negotiate the terms of the sale.

Our typical clients are privately owned businesses or spin-off divisions of larger corporations. In the event there is real property involved in the sale, we work with leading commercial brokers to complete the entire sale.

In some instances, a business sale may require non-traditional terms benefiting both the seller and the buyer. If so, we help design these, communicating and clarifying the impact of any terms so that the seller can proceed with confidence.

For companies hoping to expand or grow through acquisitions, we identify appropriate targets and confidentially approach, study and perform a due diligence to determine whether or not this would be a good fit for the buying company. We have the experience to negotiate and structure the deal so that the buyer gets the most value and the best terms and perform the necessary due diligence to validate claims made by the targeted company.

Unlike traditional M&A firms, BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS has a flexible fee schedule that ranges from consulting/retainer fees to success fees driven by agreed upon milestones and achievements. Clients are not locked into a long-term exclusive relationship and are free to engage us for limited or comprehensive services. Get in Touch

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