Case Study – Financial Advisory Firm Change Management

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Service: Change Management and Growth

Client: Large Independent Financial Advisory Firm


The firm had experienced rapid growth and had an annual revenue of $6MM. Unfortunately, the growth had created a number of “choke points” and the internal processes were no longer adequate. The inefficiencies were impacting the firm’s overall operations resulting in dissatisfied clients, frustrated workers, overly engaged principals and reduced net profits.


After meeting with the management team, we first identified the key areas needing attention and then prioritized the ones deemed critical to the firm’s success. We reviewed each area of the firm’s operations and created internal processes that removed redundancies, inefficiencies and other weaknesses. We then implemented – in proper sequence and with adequate support and training – new systems that would profitably support the firm’s growth.

We then designed and implemented an “ensemble” practice model and created the appropriate job descriptions, training and metrics to ensure immediate and continued success. As a part of the restructuring we helped assign clients to the new ensemble teams by creating and utilizing “filters” to determine compatibility and fit.

With the new structure in place, we guided the implementation and firm-wide change through regular communication and updates, strategy sessions, training, reviews and ongoing monitoring. As the change initiative proceeded some employees were reassigned and others ended up leaving the firm.

Finally, we developed and instituted a compensation program to support the new positions and responsibilities. The compensation program included clearly defined incentives throughout the firm.


After restructuring the firm continued to grow, but with a stronger ability to provide a high level of financial and professional service for its clients. The capacity we created allowed the firm to start two new companies and increase its overall revenues by more than 50%.

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