Business Owner Succession

It can take a lifetime to build a successful business.

Unfortunately, most business owners end up sacrificing their life’s achievement by failing to adequately plan for succession and retirement.

BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS has helped hundreds of owners, partners and family members complete their business succession journey on their terms. We succeeded by designing and implementing comprehensive transition plans unique to their situation, desires and time.

Our Succession Model begins with the owner’s vision; what he or she intends to achieve in this important process. Once this is clear, we ask “What?”

  • What type of lifestyle does the owner hope to enjoy when they transition from their current role?
  • What about their business? Do they have any lasting interest in its future or success?
  • What do they want to leave or do for their heirs? For charity? For others?
  • What will stand over time?


Owners need to know more than “what” they would like to see happen when they transition from their business or practice. They must also know “how.”

  • How much income will we need to enjoy our preferred lifestyle? Where will this come from?
  • How close are we to our financial goals? Our business goals?
  • How much is our business worth today? Can we realistically expect to increase this value?
  • How does our estate and gifting support our desires?
  • How soon can we begin to transition from our business?

Our Succession Model is supported by our proven, comprehensive Succession Process; a systematic process that implements each part of the owner’s succession plan. One this has been developed we guide owners through the process, working with them as requested to bring about a successful, rewarding finish.

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