Business Turnaround and Recovery

BROWNSTONE BUSINESS ADVISORS helps troubled companies get back on track or, in the most difficult situations, helps distressed companies recover.

By taking charge of the turnaround situation we quickly implement controls (financial and operational) while simultaneously assessing the viability of the distressed company and the effectiveness of the turnaround strategies available for its renewal.

Brownstone’s Business Turnaround Process systematically restores each area of the troubled company so that the entire operation works together to achieve renewed levels of growth and success.

Brownstone’s Turnaround Process for Troubled Companies:


When a business is at risk BROWNSTONE reviews the situation to first determine whether or not the company can or should survive. If so, we provide the leadership needed to guide the struggling enterprise toward an achievable goal. Working inside the business, we then manage each part of its operations in order to implement a comprehensive turnaround strategy that utilizes available resources (both financial and operational) while removing impediments to the plan’s success.

The goal of our Business Recovery Process is to return the distressed company to normal; so that it can again grow profitably over time.


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